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At Ghost Writer Books, we do not limit ourselves to biography. We also seek to showcase young talent in the hope that your work, whether it be micro fiction, short stories or full novels, gets noticed. At the very least we seek to offer an outlet for people wishing to see their stories get a wider audience.

This page is for those looking to become writers, or those who see writing as a hobby, to share their work. Of course, this page is also for those who like to read.


By Michael Thame

A single blade of light sliced through the bars of my cell and stabbed at the darkness within. Dust motes danced in the spectral beam, an occasional gust of putrid air disturbing the tranquil scene played out before me. In one dark corner the racked breathing of an old man, in the other the scrapings of a mouse, or rat, as it continued its foraging for the meanest of scraps.


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