Ghost Writing Services

We can help with any aspect of publishing, from the initial writing to the final print run. If you are interested in our range of services, please read on.

Writing Services

We offer services for all types of work such as biographies, children's books, journalism, articles, science and political pieces to name just a few. Whatever your requirements we can help. Please get in touch with our team to see how we can help you.

Proofreading and Sub-editing

With 15 years’ experience of working in web, print and online media, and with a particular focus on politics, the editorial team is eminently qualified to provide all of your proofreading and sub-editing needs.

Our competitively priced services range from basic but detailed proofreading to a full scale sub-editing of your manuscript, whether it be a novel, a biography, or a university thesis.


With our contacts in bookbinding and publishing, we can also help you to realise the dream of seeing your book in print. We can assist you in producing just a single copy through to the many thousands of a self-published book. Our publishers offer the full range of options - hard or soft bound covers, embossed and in a colour of your choosing, a variety of page sizes, full colour pages for photographs, as well as the full range of page and ink options. The book you produce will be exactly to your specifications.

Publishing is changing. Today it is much more accessible than ever before. Ghost Writer Books exists to bring the industry ever closer to those who may never have the time to realise their dream to see themselves in print.

If you would like to make use of our services, call 07762 232979 or email:

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